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film & television development
screenwriter | narrative designer

As a cyborg created in an inter-spatial pocket dimension, I started writing to understand your “human condition.” As such, my work reflects a constant search for meaning along with flashes of inspiration from the other realities and timelines in which I exist.



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WARNING: arthros are rare. This includes anything without a backbone. Arthros are known to have chronic, incurable neurological and/or psychological disorders and will immediately be removed from the Nexus for extermination. Use at your own risk.


Gunslingers, gangsters, and gamblers. Deities, demigods, and Death itself. Redemption and damnation. Love and lust. Prophets and nonbelievers. Dangerous outlaws, mysterious women, corrupt politicians, and existential crises. Welcome to Hell is Other Cowboys. 

This gritty series marries the best of the spaghetti and acid western subgenres, takes their lovechild, and splices it with epic high fantasy to create a genre-bending world blurring the lines between pulp fiction and human drama.

Samuel Goldwyn Writing Award 2nd Place Winner

The Ballad of the Redneck Mech

The Man in Black is a Johnny Cash song come to life. When he sings, you listen, and he has a song he wants you to hear:


It's the story of when eighteen year old Willow Montgomery ran away to be a pilot in Major League Mecha, fought her way to the championship, and fell for her rival, Jasper. But it wouldn't be a country ballad without a healthy does of tragedy. Well, Willow has already lost her mother, and she doesn't have a dog, so things aren't looking good for her grandfather, Buster, who forbids her from the sport.


Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots meets NASCAR. Real Steel meets Days of Thunder.

Final Draft Big Break Top 10 Finalist

AFF Second round selection


interactive fiction

Zanzibar's Best Friend

The story of how a Beastmaster Ranger finds his animal companion in D&D.

Play Zanzibar's best friend

Quogin's Nightmare

This is a short module that I made for my D&D group. This interactive nightmare represents a dream that one of the characters experienced between adventures, and I adapted the campaign based on the outcome.

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Sure Thing!

Sure Thing is a classic comedic play by David Ives. In the play, two strangers meet in a cafe. As their conversation progresses, a bell rings when one character responds unfavorably, and the conversation resets as if time had been rewound.  My interactive version of Sure Thing is a word-for-word translation of Ives' text with the conversational resets presented as user choices.  

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narrative design

Digital roar studios
Many of our programers and artists have used the work we did at DR to propel them to careers at companies like Bungie, Black Tusk, Tripwire Interactive, Dreamworks Animation, Pixar, and others.
One of the most rewarding things about working with the team was our frequent excursions to game development conferences where myself and other team members gave presentations, served on panels, and staffed the company booth on the expo floor.


The Ascension Stageplay