Digital Roar Studios was an indie startup where I worked with a team of artists, designers, and programmers as a writer and narrative designer. I created missions, characters, environments, and an epic mythos that was part of a much larger expanded universe.




Rugged. Tough. Industrial. These are the brave pioneers of the Interplanetary Alliance. They began as  simple mining colonies, but their leaders recently declared each inhabited planet or moon to be its own autonomous state free from Earth's control.


The articles of incorporation that  formed the Sovereign Interplanetary Alliance established Mars as its capital. These articles are still not recognized by the Earth Empire.


Though they can function as a hive mind, they have the ability to sever or reconnect their connection at will and are fully independent, intelligent thinkers.


The Kj’hal are gender-fluid, and throughout their life span, they cycle back and forth between male and female, allowing them to mate with themselves.


Their bio-technology creates living, thinking vessels. Indeed, everything about the Kj’hal, even down to their missiles and bombs, has some degree of consciousness and free will.


Pilots of the technologically sophisticated Earth Empire are elite, aloof, and hyper intelligent. They represent the ultimate combination of mental power and physical strength. Their ships and their bodies are charged with glowing psionic energy, making them deadly to the touch.


Phayruminism is the religion of the Empire, derived from discoveries made from alien technology found on the planet during the Desolation. Science and meditation have since combined to augment the human experience, leading to expanded powers and perceptions.

The Ascension Stageplay
I was selected as one of six playwrights to develop my work at the 2010 WordBRIDGE playwriting lab. The play I developed, Ascension War, is set before the events of the games and is an important part of the Ascension mythos.
At WordBRIDGE, I workshopped for three weeks, receiving feedback from professional dramaturgs, directors, designers, actors, and resource artists. The play received three full staged readings.
An adventure in serving safe food

Rookie Food Inspector is an educational game that I developed in 2006 as the capstone project for my Masters in Communication. It was designed to be used as a learning tool to supplement classroom instruction for volunteer food handlers in my home state of South Carolina.

The narrative begins with a lecture from your instructor that is quickly interrupted by an emergency call -- young Timmy Timmerton has reported food contamination at the Hometown Food Festival! It's up to you, the Rookie Food Inspector, to get down there and keep people from getting sick...

As you explore in and around the festival the anxious crowd outside grows restless. Will you save the festival before they stampede for the unsafe food?


You interact with the festival volunteers who explain what they've been doing to keep the food safe, and you discover that Timmy Timmerton is in fact the notorious food spoiler, Sal Monella!

With a job well done, you can print out a customized certificate of completion and enjoy some good, safe food.

Loading Screen

Kitchen Scene

Our educational segments are interactive and highly visual to be as engaging and entertaining as possible.

Kitchen storyboard

Each scene was mocked up and clickable elements indicated. When clicked, each item triggers different narrative/educational beats.

Story Layout

The player loads into a linear progression narrative interrupted by a call to action that takes them into a nonlinear section where they can experience the story in any order.

Rookie food inspector


interactive fiction

Zanzibar's Best Friend

The story of how a Beastmaster Ranger finds his animal companion in D&D.

Play Zanzibar's best friend

Quogin's Nightmare

This is a short module that I made for my D&D group. This interactive nightmare represents a dream that one of the characters experienced between adventures, and I adapted the campaign based on the outcome.

Play Quogin's Nightmare
Sure Thing!

Sure Thing is a classic comedic play by David Ives. In the play, two strangers meet in a cafe. As their conversation progresses, a bell rings when one character responds unfavorably, and the conversation resets as if time had been rewound.  My interactive version of Sure Thing is a word-for-word translation of Ives' text with the conversational resets presented as user choices.  

Play Sure Thing


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